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One of the main principles that we are guided by in our work is to be attentive in listening to our patients' responses. We always read in detail each review left by our clients.


It's a real blessing that a place like Altravita exists! After 7 years of fruitless attempts to concieve we finally had our baby girl all thanks to Altravita! Our most sincere gratitude to Dr, Litvinov. We wish you best of luck and hope that you'll keep making peoples' dreams come true!



A lot of thanks to Dr. Utisheva for being so kind and attentive during consultations! I was deeply impressed by her level of professionalism and experience and if I possible I'd really like for her to stay as my attending physician in the future.


Huge thanks to a wonderful Doctor – Alina Arturovna. Together with her we did 2 protocols, and on the second try we made it. Now we are expecting our daughter. For our second baby we’ll go only to Alina Arturovna!


I’d like to leave a comment for Dr. A.A. Abdullina. She is kind, thoughtful and responsible, she always stays in touch and together with her we managed to freeze my two little snowflakes. The clinic itself is also very high-level, I’m satisfied with everything but maybe the accommodation which was a bit too pricy for me.


On behalf of our family, I’d like to thank Dr. Ekaterina Valerievna Utisheva. Doctor Utisheva, please accept or deepest gratitude for our happiness and blessing, for our little boy who is now already 2 months old! You are magical! I can’t stress it enough how important it is what you do for people like us. I wish you huge success in your crucial and rewarding work. May your colleagues and patients be happy too.

Tatyana Prokhorova

On behalf of our whole family I want to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Dr. Lyudmila Fedorovna Elicheva for her proficiency, for her willingness to help at all times, for how she could always find the right words and her immense thoughtfulness!

Thank you for always being uplifiting with your confidence in a positive outcome, for helping me see the bright side and staying by my side during my pregnancy! It is all thanks to the doctor’s professional and attentive approach that we could experience the greatest happiness of becoming parents!

If it weren’t for you, Lyudmila Fedorovna, we would have never had a chance to hold our biggest treasure – our beloved son!

We wish you good health and all the best things in life!!!


Good afternoon! My name is Irina, I underwent an IVF treatment in Altravita. Everything ended the best way possible with my pregnancy. I’d like to say thank you Dr. S.A. Asharina. Thanks to her, soon we’ll finally have our baby. Right now I’m already on my 15th week.


I’d like to express my immeasurable gratitude to Dr. Vladimir Valentinovich Litvinov. First, he gave me hope and then the precious gift of becoming a mother for the first time at the age of 43.

I’ve been to many hospitals and talked to many doctors, before I found the one for me. Everywhere I went I was told that my eggs weren’t developing right, and that my FSH level was too high, and that the probability of pregnancy was abysmal. Even at the main IVF clinic in Russia they told me that my chances were only 1 to 1000. However, after the first visit Vladimir Valentinovich said that the chances were higher and that “we’ll work on it”. In the end, from the first try, we managed to extract 2 eggs and later got one good embryo. After the perfectly executed preparation process, that one embryo took. 

As a result, in June 2019 I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. It’s a true miracle! Thank you very much, Vladimir Valentinovich! 

I wish you good health and luck in your so very important job!


With enormous gratitude towards my reproductologist Dr. Zarema Beckkhanovna Barakhoeva and towards all embryologists in Altravita! Thanks to them in May I gave birth to a healthy baby!

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